2022  Prices         


Frozen Semen AI Cycle: £360 + VAT

Our fees are structured to provide a high quality, good value service.  No additional in-foal fee.


The reproduction contracts allow regular monitoring and routine treatment at a fixed rate.  This allows us to closely monitor the mares & achieve excellent pregnancy rates without incurring extra costs.


The packages include all ultrasound scans, hCG ovulation agent, insemination, 1 post insemination uterine flush, if required, and a 15 day pregnancy test.


  • The following procedures incur additional charges:  sedation, uterine swabs & laboratory fees, Ovuplant ovulation agent, additional uterine flushes & antibiotic treatments, caslick operation, twin pinching, additional pregnancy tests, sexing or fetal monitoring scans.


  • Where additional investigation or treatment is required we will discuss the extra costs with you before treatment and aim to provide a transparent fee structure.

  • We advise additional pregnancy tests at 30 days to confirm a heartbeat and at 60 days.


  • All prices are per cycle, they do not include livery, visit fees or VAT.

livery packages

Foal at foot incurs a £1.75/night surcharge as does supplementation with hard feed, please speak to us for more information.
Mare management will always be tailored to individual requirements providing 5* livery while your mare and foal are in our care. Small turn-out groups or individual paddocks to ensure all horses are safe and settled during their stay.

Grass Livery

Day and Night

Hard feed not included


£8.50/night + VAT

All Inclusive Stabled Livery



with Turnout



Stabling, feed, haylage and



turnout as required

£20.50/night + VAT

All Inclusive Stabled Livery

24 hour stabling, feed,




haylage and 



hand walking or access to



a nursery paddock


£24.50 + VAT