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2018 saw the opening of our new breeding centre

Providing 5* Care for your Mare and Foal

- Extensive, well managed grazing with safe, secure fencing in a peaceful setting -​

- Stocks for safe mare handling -

- Large stables by Tailored Equine Stables, fabricated to our requirements -

- Phantom mare for semen collection -

- Purpose built stallion teasing stable -

- Laboratory for semen processing, analysis & embryo transfer - 

 - CCTV monitoring -

- Experienced staff -

Clients are encouraged to bring their mares to the clinic during the period of regular ultrasound examination & insemination.  This enables close monitoring of the mare’s cycle & adaption of management as required.


The well maintained grazing provides economical grass livery. A number of paddocks enables appropriate grouping of mares.  It is important that your mare and foal are happy & relaxed during their stay.


*Livery packages tailored to your mare's requirements*

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